Boat in Coron

_MG_2280A lone boat in the South China Sea, Coron, Palawan (2017)



Kayangan Lake, Coron

IMG_6846The Islands around Coron, Palawan. (2017)

The limestone cliffs tower above the waters near Kayangan Lake. If you ever have the pleasure of visiting Coron, at some point you will end up here. It was one of the most beautiful views of the islands (that I saw). The lake is one of the popular stopping point for tourists. This area is also home to the Tagbanua tribesmen, the indigenous  people who also act as guardians of the area.

To get to the lake you have to climb about 300 hundred steps up, and down, to get to the lake. Kayagan is said to be one of the cleanest lakes in Asia. Of the eight lakes that are in Coron, only two are open for people, the other six are protected areas and closed to the public. They say they are doing this to save their pristine conditions for the future generations. The lake water a mix of about 70% fresh Water and 30% salt water and is only about 20ft deep.  It’s a refreshing place to stop and relax for a while and just take in the surrounding beauty.

Mona Bean


MonaBeanMona Bean, Coron, Palawan, Philippines (2017)

While in Coron I  went out to see what kind of photos I could find so I went for walk. While on my journey it wasn’t long until I spotted this “old master” painting along the main street. I did get quite a few great images on the trip as short as it was, but it was hard not to get any great pictures in a place so beautiful, stay tuned for more to come.




A small boat glides home in Palawan, Coron, Philippines (2017)

So as I mentioned in my previous post I was going back to the Philippines. It was way to short of trip as usual, only 9 days as opposed to 16 days the last time. Part of the trip was back in islands of Palawan, it’s still just as beautiful as I remember. I saw recently it was rated the #1 island as well as the most beautiful place in the world. I think I would have to agree with both of those.

We ended up going to 6 different islands and did some great snorkeling. Saw a few old shipwrecks and lots of giant clams, sea urchins, corals, huge schools of tropics fish (I found Nemo) and perhaps even a whale shark. It was a giant spotted tail in the murky distance and they are known to be in the area. The above photo  was taken off the balcony of our hotel room. It was one of the only places on the water with a view, and it was an amazing view for sure. I was reviewing my pictures when I got back and was surprised how many gret shots I got just from the balcony.

Their was also no shortage of places to find great food, it was everywhere, and cheap. There was fish, grilled squid, lobster, chicken, pork, pizza but make sure to try the crocodile, delicious. I’m curious now about the next trip. Out of the 7,500 islands only about 2,500 have been explored. I was told that some of the most beautiful places unfortunately are not really safe for tourist or even locals, do to extremists. I guess it’s really fortunate that the islands are so roughed and uninhabitable or surely they would be way more developed than they are today. Some Islands like Coron are even trying to limit their development with some islands even off-limits to tourist all together. If you can stand an 18 fr flight, it’s a great place to visit and a trip you won’t soon forget.

Coconut Tree

16A sprouting coconut, El Nido, Palawan, Philippines. (2006)

I thought I would post an image shot during my last trip to the Philippines. I had an amazing time and shot a ton of good photos. I’m looking forward to returning in a few weeks for more photos and exploration. We will be back in the Palawan area and can’t wait to see the beautiful water and beaches. This trip will be a bit shorter than the last but will still be fun I’m sure. Of course I will be posting more photos when I get back.

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